Ghost Ghost


How do you redecorate with no budget?  Make some old stuff new again!  If you can sew in a straight line, you can do this project.  I can barely walk in a straight line and even I can do this haha!


-old pillows you would rather throw ninja stars at than see again in your home

-fabric of your choice (i chose to use 2 contrasting colours, but one colour is just as nice)

-matching thread

-4 cool buttons (they don’t have to match)


-Draw out on a large peice of paper the size you want your pillows

-Pin square patten to fabric and cut out (you will need one square of fabric for the front and one square for the back of pillow)

-Pin fabric together with right sides together

-Start sewing! Start in one corner and sew down to next adjacent corner.  With needle still in down position, pivot fabric, and sew down to next corner, repeat.

-Stop 3 inches before reaching your last corner.  You will need this opening to put your stuffing in.  If your old pillows came with inserts instead of loose stuffing, make sure one entire side of pillow remains open to put the pillow inserts in.

-Flip pillow covers inside-out (right side of fabric now facing out) and press the seams and corners of your pillow cover

-Start stuffing your pillow

-When pillow is full of stuffing (or pillow inserts are…inserted) hand stitched the opening shut

-Find the centre of your pillow and mark with a fabric pencil (do this to both sides of pillow) this is where you will sew in the buttons

-With a needle and thread, put needle through centre of of pillow where you made your pencil mark and make sure you come out through the otherside through the other pencil mark you made on reverse side of pillow.  Make sure you pull it tight so you get that cute dimple in the centre of your pillow.

-Sew on button to each side of pillow

And you’re DONE!  Now you have brand new cool pillows to show off and brag about.

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